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At Little Explorers play is in the heart of our practice as children learn and develop, in an enjoyable way, through play.

Playing provides unique opportunities and experiences for the child. Through play, children develop problem-solving abilities, consider other’s points of view, experiment and cope with feelings, and expand creative and imaginative skills.

Here, our little explorers can be spontaneous and freely choose what to be engaged with and who to play with, alone or with others.  

Our room is welcoming, pleasing and have enough space for them to freely move and explore the Montessori materials and activities provided.

Each area of learning is separated and well equipped.

There is an area for Activities of Everyday Living, Sensorial, Knowledge and Understand of the World (cultural), Language, Maths and Creativity (art, crafts, music).

Our garden has a great green area where they can run, play, and investigate. They can play in the kids’ wooden house, sand pit, mud kitchen, do some gardening and so much more.

There is plenty to explore at Little Explorers!

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